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Sé parte de nuestra comunidad y genera rendimientos superiores al 9% E.A, todo respaldado por una garantía hipotecaria en EE. UU.

High yields on mortgage loans.

Profits in dollars from the first month.

Easy and intuitive investment platform.

Investing in the U.S. has never been easier.

At Equidem we make investing very easy, whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor.

Securely and from the comfort of your home, you can invest as little as US$30,000 in loans backed by U.S. property.

By investing in mortgage loans, your money will always be backed by real estate assets, which gives you greater stability and protection.

Our results.

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How does it work?

We identify loan applicants with repayment capacity and solid mortgages.

Equidem presents these mortgage options, and the investor decides which loans they would like to invest in.

Equidem arranges the mortgage directly between the investor and the loan applicant.

Equidem collects and maintains the relationship with the loan applicant.

Why invest with Equidem?

from 9% A.P.R

With Equidem, you have access to higher returns than those provided by other traditional assets.


Your capital will be backed by real estate assets, which reduces risk and provides greater security.

Short term

You don't have to wait decades to see results. You can expect a return on your investment within 1 to 3 years.

What is the next step?

Schedule a meeting with an advisor.

Sign up using our online form for investors. We will contact you to verify your information and answer any questions you may have.

You choose the loan you wish to invest in.

Recibirás diversas oportunidades de préstamos para que las evalúes y decidas donde asignar tus fondos. Puedes empezar a invertir a partir USD 30.000.

Equidem takes care of everything for you.

Our experienced team oversees managing the mortgage between both parties and carrying out the collection process.

You get your earnings in dollars from the first month.

You will receive your monthly passive income in dollars and, ultimately, your initial capital at the end of the term.

Have doubts?

¡Don’t worry! Our advisors are here to help you.

Call to +1 404-445-8448 or send an email to info@equidem.com

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