We are Equidem

investments in EE. UU.

We connected people who needs financing in United States with people interested to invest in mortgage loans.


Ten years providing reliable financial solutions in the EE. UU. real estate market.


Operations supported for properties in United States, providing security and stability.

Easy and 100% Online

Quick and simple access to our services online to manage your investment or request financing.

Your financial solutions in the same place.

At Equidem, comprehend the importance of create opportunities and connections in the finance world.


Access to quick financing without complications to boost your investment property


Invest in United States and generate returns in dollars higher than 9% A. P. R

Our results.

of experience.
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Why choose Equidem?

Experience and knowledge.

With more than a decade of experience in the United States market, Equidem has forged a robust business model than guarantees tranquility and security.

Transparency and security.

At Equidem, we maintain high standards of security and regulatory compliance to give you tranquility and confidence in your financial transactions.

Chance attractive investment.

We carefully select the mortgage loans in United States than offer strong and attractive yields..

Flexibility and agility in loans.

Our loans for investment property loans are designed to give you flexibility and agility in the application process.

Have doubts?

¡Don’t worry! Our advisors are here to help you.

Call to +1 404-445-8448 or send an email to info@equidem.com

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