You invest

and we do the rest.

Before investors could not obtain, fill out, structure and administer a loan, but now Equidem can do all this for you. Easily build your investment and let your money for you.

your investment

business model

A safe Investment


Equidem administers the most profitable investment product in real estate debt from both sides of the market. On the one hand, we search for financial solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses with limited access to bank financing and, on the other hand, Equidem betters the investment options for those who search for higher performance which will increase their capital through a shorter amount of time.

In Equidem we have the experience and tools necessary to manage difficult times by benefitting from the opportunities that emerge during recessions.

How does it work
and why invest
with us


We identify BORROWERS with payment capacity and solid mortgages.


EQUIDEM manages the charges and maintains the relation with the BORROWER.


EQUIDEM presents these mortgages options to the LENDER who then decides in which of these loans he would like to invest.

EQUIDEM manages the mortgage directly between the LENDER and the BORROWER.



EQUIDEM manages the mortgage directly between the LENDER and the BORROWER.


EQUIDEM manages the charges and maintains the relation with the BORROWER.

The investment is guarantied by the property title

Higher performance than offered by the market

Investment in 80% of the property value

Short return of investment 12,24 or 36 months

Monthly payment of fixed interests

The closing for the loan is done by attorneys specialized in the subject

Equidem is in charge of the administering the whole process and of the collection at no extra charge

Fixed term Monthly income
with an annual performance between 9.5% and 13%.


other private
lending companies

Types of

Accredited Investor /
Net value higher than US$1 million, excluding the value of the principal residence.

Yearly income of over US$200,000, or a combined incomer of over US$300,000 with a spouse for more than 2 years.

Inversionista No Acreditado /
Valor neto inferior a US$1 millón excluyendo el valor de su residencia principal.

Ingreso inferior a US$200.000 anuales, (o menos de US$300.000 incluyendo a su cónyuge, su inversión no puede ser mayor al 10% de su ingreso.

Leave us your information,one of our advisors will
contact you and give you more information.

Phone: (404) 445-8448
Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

Address: 2974 LOOKOUT PLACE NE

Equidem Management LLC is not a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, or crowdfunding portal under Regulation CF. None of the information contained on this website is a recommendation to invest in any securities. Please consult with your legal and financial advisors before investing and do not invest unless you are able to sustain the risk of loss of your entire investment. By using this website, you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Poloicy. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections are forward looking statements and may not reflect actual future performance. All investments involve risk and may result in loss. For more information about the risks involved please contact us or call us at (404) 445-8448
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